Captain Morgan Original – 40% vol

A blend of pot still and continuous still Rums from Jamaica, Guyana & Barbados. Aged in oak for a dark, full-bodied colour and distinctive rich taste that are unmistakable.

Captain Morgan Spiced – 35% vol

A secret blend of premium Caribbean Rums, mellow spice and other natural flavours. It gets its distinct richness and amber colour from ageing the Rum in charred white oak barrels.

Kraken Black Spiced – 40% vol

The world’s first original and authentic premium aged white Rum. Made with passion, care and skill and still blended to the exact same flavour profile as it first was in 1862. Light, dry and versatile, it is the base for many classic cocktails such as the Mojito, Daquiri and Cuba Libre.

Bacardi Carta Oro – 40% vol

Amber in colour, mellow and smooth, with impressions on vanilla and a balance of walnuts, spices and tropical fruits on a subtle background of oak

Bacardi OakHeart – 35% vol

Bold, spiced premium Rum straight from charred oak barrels. Rich, smooth and smoky with a robust flavour; a hint of maple and honey followed by vanilla and caramel.

Malibu – 21% vol

Produced on the island of Barbados since 1893, Malibu owes its unique taste to a refined blend of Caribbean Rum, natural coconut flavours and very high quality pure cane sugar.

Havana 7 YO – 40% vol

The epitome of Cuban Rum. The lengthy and natural ageing process in white oak barrels infuses the Rum with its powerful and complex flavours to produce a stylish and exceptionally rich Rum.

Ron De Jeremy – 47% vol

Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum is Rich, deep in colour. The aromas are well-rounded and complex with hints of vanilla and spices. Long and smooth with plenty of flavour. Aged 2 years in American oak barrels and infused with natural spices.

Dead Mans Fingers – 37.5% vol

Dead Man's Fingers is a spiced rum created by the owners of Cornwall restaurant The Rum & Crab Shack. A blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados that is aged for three years, this has notes of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin.

Dead Mans Fingers Coffee – 37.5% vol

A variation on Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Rum (created by the folks from The Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives) based around the deliciousness of coffee. Well-suited to enjoying as a digestif after a heart meal.

Dead Mans Fingers Coconut – 37.5% vol

A lip-smacking spiced rum from the South West, created by the folks from The Rum & Crab Shack. This particular variation is based around the tropical flavours of coconuts, and will work wonderfully in all manner of mixed drinks.

Belgrove Hazelnut – 40%

Well, this is a pretty unique combination right here... Thanks to Belgrove, hazelnut rum is now a thing! The brand is named after William Belgrove, a rum pioneer, and the spirit is a single-origin Demerara rum from Guyana combined with toasted hazelnut flavours.

Diablesse Clementine Spiced Rum – 40%

From Manchester-based Diablesse comes a Clementine Spiced Rum! It's made with Demerara rum from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, using native sugar cane molasses and traditional pot and column still distillation. It's then naturally flavoured with clementine and a warm spice mix inspired by the Caribbean containing vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and clove.

Rumquila – 40%

Just look at this product. How wonderfully bonkers is this?! From its very conception to the striking bottle, Red Eye Louie's Rumquila is different to anything you've seen before. It's made with a blend of ultra-premium rum and imported super-premium tequila, created by macerating each spirit in small batches at a high temperature.

Pineapple Grenade – 65% vol

Pineapple Grenade is crafted by first sourcing 100% molasses rum from the superb Diamond Distillery in Guyana. It's then imported into the UK where it was infused with a secret spice mix and the wonderful blend of pineapple and salted caramel. Finally, it's bottled at a very generous 64% ABV.

The result is a smooth and extremely versatile overproof spiced rum, sublime in many rum and Tiki-style cocktails, but Pineapple Grenade is also the bomb in a rum and coke.

Rumbutt Peanut Butter Rum – 29.9% vol

Shelly has specially selected a blend of Caribbean rums that are the perfect partner for the flavours of peanut butter

Space Cakes Chocolate Brownie CBD Rum Liqueur – 18% vol

Space Cake Drinks proudly presents the worlds first Cannabinoid (CBD) Spiced Rum Liqueur!

A fantastic Chocolate Brownie Spiced Rum with CO2 extracted industrial hemp. Presented in a sublime Moon and Star bespoke bottle, this is by far one of the most attractive bottles we have seen!